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Alfie Gets in First

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Features Alfie and Annie Rose, Mum and Dad, Chessie the cat, the MacNallys down the road, and more.

Billy and the Minpins & the Magic Finger

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Cabin Fever (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 6)

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Cook and the King

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The hungry king needs a new cook, but will he ever find someone who can make his favourite dish?

First Prize for the Worst Witch

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Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Ciara Jansen stars in a BBC Radio full-cast dramatisation of the classic children's story. When Heidi, a lively orphan girl, goes to live with her grandfather in a little hut high in the Alps she soon learns to live in perfect harmony with her surroundings, leading a carefree life with her constant companion, Peter, a young goatherd.

Hobbit: Jackanory

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Broadcast to mark the 3000th programme of the much-loved children's series Jackanory, The Hobbit was transmitted over two weeks and 10 episodes in 1979. Read by Bernard Cribbins, Jan Francis, Maurice Denham and David Wood, this rare audio soundtrack is sure to offer a treat for all fans of J.

Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree: Children's Audio Book

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You lucky little peanuts, it's the seventh superb Mr Gum story, read by the author and with music and sound effects `Mad, bad - and very funny' Booktrust Good evening and welcome to a tale of forests! Polly intends to find out, and she intends to find out by finding out.

Nursery Stories and Rhymes Audio

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A fun mix of eight popular nursery tales and ten well-loved rhymes, read and sung by Floella Benjamin and Derek Griffiths.

Peter Pan

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When Peter Pan flies into the night nursery of Wendy, John and Michael Darling, he takes them on the journey - and the adventure - of a lifetime. Mermaids, wolves and Indians weave their spell in the magical Never Never Land - where also lurks the wicked Captain Hook.