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Dogman - Attack of the Fleas Board Game

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The Fleas (Fuzzy Little Evil Animal Squad) are at it again. Fortunately, the Supa Buddies are ready to jump into action. Using the Shrink Ray, Invisible Spray, the helicopter, and more, everyone works together to stop the villainous villains!


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Create an entertaining picture of the child-genius Matilda, Miss Honey and the terrifying Miss Trunch bull, as you piece together this fantastic 250 piece puzzle and bring to life Roald Dahl’s heart-warming tale of Matilda

Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory

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SILLY PLAY-DOH SQUEEZE MACHINE – The basic Play-Doh Fun Factory toy is a classic and fun open-ended creative activity!

Kids Trivia Plus

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Quick thinkers and general knowledge buffs aged seven and up will love guessing, explaining and answering an array of trivia questions in this fun and quick-thinking board game. Kids Trivia Plus features puzzles, riddles and today's trivia to keep kids on their toes and occupied for hours.

4oz Single can Play-doh (varying colours)

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Pop open a can of creativity! With a handful of squishy, colorful Play-Doh compound, you'll never guess what kids might create next.

Don't Say It!

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The game where a slip of the tongue can cost you dearly! Can you describe a balloon without using the words ‘pop’, ‘inflate’, ‘bang’ or ‘float’?

Fantasy 80pc Jigsaw

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Not only is the box shaped so is the jigsaw! This 80 piece puzzle forms the shape of a BUTTERFLY and features all the wonderful graphics from our hugely popular Fantasy theme. Both the box and the individual pieces feature foiling detail to give this gift an extra special touch. Recommended Age: 3+

Oi Frog Memory Game

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Play-Doh Sparkle

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Your Play-Doh creations will be bright and sparkly with the Sparkle Compound collection.


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Kneading and playing at the same time! With this spinntastic kneading set, Spidey fans play the legendary bench screw by Dr. Octopus.

Toy Story 4 - 50-piece jigsaw

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Make this lovely picture of Woody and his friends.

Age Of Dinosaurs Glow In The Dark

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Age Of Dinosaurs 100 piece puzzle A delightful Glow in the Dark jigsaw puzzle Puzzle image consists of a consists of a diverse range of dinosaurs Once completed

BRD5196 Outdoor Boredom Box

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The Outdoor Boredom Busting Box by Professor Puzzle - Featuring over 45 outdoor games & challenges to keep everyone entertained. Suffering from cabin fever? - Get outdoors and get active with one of the 45 outdoor activities such as a skipping, limbo or relay race.

Charades for Kids

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Game of Charades designed especially for kids

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Marvellous Maths Game

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For all Oompa Loompas out there Charlie’s Marvellous Maths Game is perfect for encouraging a love of numbers and mathematics.


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Junior Compendium of Games

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am-packed with over 50 traditional games, including Jacks, Pick Up Sticks, Tiddlywinks, Ludo & much more!


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4 Pots of Play-Doh Classic Colours Suitable for ages 3+

PLG7415 Where's Wally Find it Fast Game

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How quickly can you spot Wally? The Where’s Wally Find It Fast game is a brilliant, fun, quick paced matching game!

What's Up

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This classic ‘What’s on my head?’ game is written especially for children to play and enjoy