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The Booker Prize Shortlist 2021

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A Dubray Staff Recommended Read... Theo Byrne is a promising young astrobiologist who has found a way to search for life on other planets dozens of light years away. He is also the widowed father of a most unusual nine-year-old. His son Robin is funny, loving, and filled with plans. He thinks and feels deeply, adores animals, and can spend hours painting elaborate pictures. He is also on the verge of being expelled from third grade, for smashing his friend's face with a metal thermos.
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The Promise

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In this story of a diminished family, sharp and tender emotional truths hit home. Confident, deft and quietly powerful, The Promise is literary fiction at its finest.
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No One Is Talking About This

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This is a meditation on love, language and human connection from one of the most original voices of our time.
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A Passage North

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From a prize winning Sri Lankan author, a story of age and youth, loss and survival that builds into a magisterial reckoning with mortality.
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The Fortune Men

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It is only in the run-up to the trial, as the prospect of freedom dwindles, that it will dawn on Mahmood that he is in a terrifying fight for his life - against conspiracy, prejudice and the inhumanity of the state. And, under the shadow of the hangman's noose, he begins to realise that the truth may not be enough to save him.
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Great Circle: The dazzling new novel for fans of The Goldfinch

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